AcademX Space Crew is an action-adventure comic book series; educationally geared towards tweens and children between the ages of 8-14 years old (Grades 4-8). The Star Agent can literally be for anyone young or old! Our goal is to engage all readers and get them interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) related fields of learning and inquiry. Our stories are built on a foundation of Science, Technology, and Math curriculums that students encounter daily in their classroom environments. Then we take off to the stars, using those fundamentals to tell exciting adventures starring you!

Unlike other forms of “edu-tainment”, which attempt to clunkily add lessons to the media, AcademX Space Crew seamlessly integrates educational information within the adventure itself. From mission plans to exciting battles, the STEM learning is made part of the AcademX World – not a distraction from it.

Join the AcademX Space Crew in their premier issue as they rocket across the Solar System to aid the President of Earth in her fatal time of need. Evil Dreadlord Ghoti has concocted a diabolical scheme to take over the planet by commandeering the president’s body from the inside-out. Are you brave enough to foil his criminal plans and rescue the leader of the free world?

Create your very own Star Agent and become an official member aboard the AcademX Space Crew.